The Tal Center for Integrative Oncology Medicine promotes the use of natural therapies that support and work in conjunction with conventional oncology; meeting the unique needs of oncology patients, helping them battle the disease and increasing their chances of survival.

Since its establishment in December 2013, the Tal Center has broken new grounds and pioneered a movement towards changing the culture of cancer treatment through breakthrough research, innovative thinking, and a firm determination to find better solutions in the area of integrative oncology.

Working closely with oncologists, the Tal Center is 'translating' the wisdom of Chinese medicine into western practices, while conducting global clinical research in the field of oncology nutrition, botanical formulas, homeopathy and immunotherapy.

The Tal Center works at the front line of oncological research, focused on immunotherapy and finding new ways to use the immune system to fight cancer. Through their pioneering research, the Tal Center has earned a global reputation and is perceived as a leading force in the world of integrative oncology.

Located within the largest Oncology Center in Israel, at the Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer, the Tal Center is a 'home' for young patients and doctors looking for natural therapies in the treatment of cancer.


  • 2015
  • The dawn of a new era. Immunotherapy - the use of biological drugs that activate the immune system to fight the disease.
  • 2013
  • The Tal Center is Established (December 2013)
  • 2012
  • Dr. Yair Maimon, Director of Research at the Tal Center, published findings on the ability of herbal formulas to selectively kill cancer cells while strengthening the immune system, in the world's leading clinical research journal "The Oncologist".
  • 2011
  • Dr. Raanan Berger, Director of the Institute of Oncology Central Laboratory of Oncology-Tel Hashomer stated, "throughout the world research is looking at fighting this disease without hitting the cancer cells themselves.”
  • 2010
  • Chinese delegation, headed by Professor Rothstein, Director General of the Sheba Medical Center- Tel Hashomer, stated that "the world recognizes the achievements of Chinese medicine in treating cancer. We intend to combine the achievements of Chinese medicine in the field of oncology with current Western medicine".
  • 2003
  • The establishment of SIO (Society for Integrative Oncology). An International Medical Organization for integrative oncology.
  • 2002
  • The World Health Organization recognized the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

Tal Center Team


Zohar Yaakobson

Mother of Tal Yaakobson

Yaacov Yaakobson

Father of Tal Yaakobson

Shira Kuperman

Tal Center Director

Shani Adelshtein

Marketing Manager

Medical staff

Dr. Zoya Cohen

Senior Researcher

Dr. Noah Samuels

Medical Director

Yair Maimon

Director of Research Center

Dr. Yaacov (Kobi) Fried

Homeopathy Specialist

Leahy Geva


Ariel Wakstein


Daniel Levin


Ravit Guri


Raviv Peleg


Jack Tobol



Jacob Raz

Senior Reflexologist



With the aim of proving the efficacy of integrative medicine in the treatment of both cancer and the side effects caused by conventional medicine, the Tal Center conducts clinical and para-clinical studies, examining the influence of medicinal herbs and their active mechanisms, on cancer cells and the immune system.

The Tal Center's uniqueness lies in its ability to conduct in depth scientific research, mainly as a result of the exceptional partnership the center has established with the Sheba Medical Center - Tel Hashomer. The Sheba Oncology Center, the largest in Israel, has provided the Tal Center with a state-of-the-art laboratory to support its groundbreaking research. This advanced technology enables the in vitro growth of patients' cancer and immune system cells, making it possible to examine their response to anti-cancerous herbs and provide truly personalized medicine; while expanding the Tal Center treatment experience and knowledge-base.

Working closely with oncologists, the Tal Center has begun the process of 'translating' the wisdom of Chinese medicine into western practices, and conducts pioneering, global clinical research in a diverse range of fields, including oncology nutrition, botanical formulas, homeopathy and immunotherapy.

Studies published by Yair Mimon, Tal Center Research Manager, and Scientific Counselor of the International Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO), found that Herbal Formula LCS101 influenced cancer patients in multiple ways.

  • The formula killed cancerous cells but didn't harm healthy cells. The formula protected healthy cells from the influences of chemotherapy and encouraged the destruction of cancerous cells.
  • The formula strengthens the immune system, particularly the elements that fight the cancerous NK cells. A pioneering clinical study found that using the formula during chemotherapy, significantly decreased the side effects expressed by blood count dropping. Research results were published in the prestigious journal "The Oncologist".

It was further proved that Chinese Acupuncture decreases the side effects that develop during chemotherapy, including nausea, fatigue and pain.

By integrating Western practices with the holistic approaches of Chinese medicine, through unique collaborations with leading centers in Israel and abroad; the Tal Center is transforming vision into reality, and becoming a center for international excellence.

For further information on studies conducted by the Tal Center click here


Cooperating & Collaborating

The Tal Center maintains continuous cooperation with leading hospitals and research centers in the field of integrative medicine, and leads collaboration initiatives of knowledge transfer and shared research projects. These include:

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center (Huston Texas)
  • Memorial Sloane-Kettering Cancer Center (New York)
  • Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Boston)
  • The International Society for Integrative Oncology (SIO)

Spreading the Word

The center invests great efforts in the publication of articles and professional literature in the field of integrative medicine.

Growing the Community

Dr. Noah Samuels, Tal Center Medical Manager, devotes much of his time to the academic arena, teaching in The Tel Aviv University (Departments of Medicine and Nursing), The Hebrew University in Jerusalem and The Teknion in Haifa. With a focus on expanding the integrative medicine research community, Dr. Samuels mentors students writing research papers on the subject, and manages shared research projects (clinical and pre-clinical). In addition, he leads several academic initiatives aimed at distributing the accumulated knowledge, and establishing integrative medicine as an inseparable part of traditional treatment.

Through ground-breaking research, innovative thinking and a firm determination

to find better solutions in the area of integrative oncology, the Tal Center has

broken new grounds and pioneered a movement towards changing the culture of cancer treatment.



Truly Integrated

The Tal Center works with a combination of conventional and natural medicines that help patients cope with cancer, both physically and mentally.

Alternative medicine can help reduce the side effects of conventional treatments and contributes greatly to the patient's sense of control over their life, a sense often lost while coping with the disease. Alternative treatments help strengthen the immune system, while reducing pain, fatigue and nausea. They also strengthen the body and mind, helping the patient cope with symptoms of depression and anxiety.

The Tal Center provides patients with complementary therapies and care, together with treatments provided by the Oncology Center, under one roof. Treatments are integrated and adjusted to each patient's unique needs.

The Tal Center offers the following natural oncological treatments:

  • Botanical Herb Formulas
  • Nutritional Consults
  • Homeopathic Remedies
  • Natural Touch Therapies:
  • Chinese Acupuncture
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu, Yoga, Tuina
  • Tai chi, Chi kung, Meditation,
  • Massage and more

All treatments are geared towards strengthening the immune system and easing the effects of conventional medicine, so as to help patient remain in treatment and improve their quality of life.

Treatments are subsidized for the benefit of patients.

Treatments are provided as follows:

At Diagnosis -  In order to prepare the patient for surgery and upcoming therapies.

During treatment - In order to improve the immune system and reduce serious side effects as a result of chemical treatment.

During radical treatment -  In order to improve the immune system and reduce serious side effects as a result of chemical treatment.

After recovery - In order to support and strengthen the body during the natural healing process.

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