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1983-2009 Tal Yakobson

Tal Yakobson

From a young age Tal Yakobson saw the world differently. She saw the injustice and imbalance, and fought to correct it.

A student of Chinese Medicine at Tel Aviv University and a passionate activist, Tal was always fighting for a cause: to preserve nature, protect the environment, save the animals, and most importantly to help the weak and underprivileged.

Tal became ill with cancer during her studies and quit school in order to focus on her treatment.

She desperately believed that Chinese Medicine could help her, and felt that given the chance her body would know what to do, how to get stronger and fight better.

Unfortunately, she did not find the care she sought at the hospital, she didn’t find natural complementary therapies that could work in conjunction with the chemotherapy she received.

Tal’s battle with Cancer ended on December 12, 2009 and left a legacy for her parents to fulfill; to bring light and a structure of natural therapies, to a place where before there was only chaos.

The Yakobson’s

Zohar and Yacob Yakobson lost their beloved daughter, Tal, to cancer at the young age of 26. After losing Tal, Zohar and Yaacov decided to fulfil Tal’s legacy. They mustered the courage to go back to the hospital, the place that stood for all that was dark in their lives, and established the Tal Center for Integrative Oncological Medicine – a center that would bring in light, to a place that’s usually dark.

The Tal Center - Bringing in Light

Tal's legacy has become the Yakobsons' life work - to provide 'a home and an address' for young patients, doctors, and families who wish to leverage thousands of years of knowledge as well as the body's own wisdom to help in the battle against cancer.

The Tal Center works towards overcoming cancer with more than chemotherapy and radiation - by treating the person, not just the disease. Promoting the use of natural therapies that support and work in conjunction with conventional oncology, the center provides a fusion of conventional oncological practice and natural therapies, helping patients strengthen their immune system, battle the disease and increase their chances of survivability.